Suzie's Farm Tour

We are so fortunate here in San Diego to have such amazing weather all year. My in-laws are buried in snow on the Maine Coast and we keep sending them pictures from the beach. Not to rub salt in a wound just to motivate them to switch coasts for part of the year. Fingers crossed!

Mild weather also means great things for our plates. We traveled down to Suzie's Farm to pick out some amazing organic produce for our events this week. Our two little chefs were in tow. The rare smooth transition out of the house set the foundation for a pretty fun and relaxing adventure.

Our kids are notorius for being 'good eaters'. When someone new watches them it's usually the first thing that is discussed the moment we return. "Wow your boys can eat". They love trying new things and exploring their own palattes-we are very lucky. We think it's important to expose them to nature's bounty in a fun and interative way. We feasted on nettles, sweet peas off-the-vine, and carrots patiently coerced out of their dirt beds.

Suzie's Pastured Chickens were so lively & interactive. They were eating green & purple cauliflower, pumpkins, and fresh compost. We even had a hen fly on over to say hello. Meg, our tour guide for the day, was telling us how sensitive they are to sunlight. They crave it and will happily lay more eggs when they get lot's of natural sun. Have you ever wondered what Pastured, Free Range, Cage Free actually means? Check out this article here. Suzie's has over 20 varieties of chickens living on their farm. Each chicken produces it's own color of egg. Who knew green eggs exsisted naturally and not out of a box? Sam I Am would be very excited here.

One of our menus this week calls for cilantro so Chef Dad headed over to grab a big handful. We also picked up red beets, wild arugula, bibb lettuce, rainbow chard, romaine, and rosemary.

We had an amazing time together. This experience is such a great example of how our business is truly about family & great food. It all starts with the ingredients. More information here on how to take your own tour at Suzies Farm.

Locally Yours,

Mama B

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