You get a Donut!

And you get a donut! Finally my favorite day of the year has arrived. Free Donuts for everyone! But first, you'll have to contact your local donut shop to see if they've decided to partake in this foodie day.

Donut think about skipping out on this holiday (pun intended!) It's a free pass to literally eat as many pastries you can handle. Probably the only day I can binge on a whole basket of donuts without feeling bad about it the next day.

Not only are we celebrating this mouth-watering treat but we get to take a moment to remember the Salvation Army women who served donuts to soldiers in WWI. Cheers to 1938 for establishing this amazing day for us!

Mama B says, "If I were to go get myself one I would go to VG Donut & Bakery in Cardiff. I'd dive into an Old Fashioned Chocolate Donut!"

I'm 90 percent sure that the reason Chef Dad has been gone all afternoon is because he's secretly grabbing donuts, preferably a Chocolate Butter Crunch, with the boys right now.

Another way to celebrate this national day is to reflect on a couple of trends our favorite pastry has started. AKA Donut Walls and Bars. They'll quickly become the most talked about feature at your event.

Picture yourself at a wedding and suddenly, your eyes lock on a wall filled with a variety of donuts (yum!) Do I take one? Two? Would anyone notice if I had four? Probably not! The beauty of a wall filled with donuts is there's no way to tell how many times you've grabbed one. A donut wall is such a super easy DIY project. All you need is a peg board, dowel rods, and some spray paint to match the theme. I found the perfect example on, that you have to checkout!

Donut Bars are essentially the coolest trend for any event. Guests will be shown a list of donut flavors to choose from and are given the option to sprinkle it with a variety of choices. Root Cellar Catering Co. was fortunate to be a part of an outstanding event collaboration featuring a number of vendors for Crate & Barrel UTC's Private Registry Plus Event this past January. Couples were given the store to themselves to register, get insider tips from registry expert associates and engage with product demonstrations. Local vendors were also welcomed in to exhibit their services to create a fun, interactive, and locally-specific experience for couples!

Home Bakeshop provided the amazing donut bar pictured below. You can snag any of their flavors of the month by clicking here. Featuring a baked Carrot Cake Donut with Brown Butter Glaze & Sugared Walnuts/Candied Ginger Pieces. Their baked Lemon Curd Donut with Lavender Lemon Glaze & Sprinkling Sugar/Lemon Zest. A baked Raspberry Coconut Donut with Coconut Milk Glaze & Toasted Coconut Shreds! The flavors you see below were a few of the yummy donut flavors Lisa Lee provided for the Private Registry Event.

Want to have a Donut Wall or Bar at your next event? Contact us and we can make that happen!

Huge thanks to the phenomenal planner and designer from To La Lune events, Christy Snowie Johnson. Crate & Barrel UTC for allowing us to cater for the Private Registry Plus Event and Lisa Lee at Home Bakeshop for providing an outstanding donut display, which were all so delicious! Shout out to Jen Wojcik for the amazing photography and Audrey Alba Films for the videography.

And all these talented vendors; Cassie Templeman from Peanut Press Creative for the beautifully designed paper, Natalie Gill from Native Poppy with the gorgeous floral design, Leah Kirpalani from The Good Life, Cindy from Hello Birdie Lab, Rachel Crooks Macramé, Flickwell for super fun photo booths, The Lab Salon, The Black Tux, Cuisinart, Nespresso, Kitchenaid, Vitamix, Wusthof, and Robert Welch.

-Root Cellar Team

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